Loving Ramen in New York

Published on February 21, 2010 by , in English, Food, New York

My passion for Japanese food took a while to develop. It started with yakitori, little skewers, I first ate on Bleecker Street. Back then (in 1995), I was not brave enough to try sushi (raw fish didn’t really appeal to me). But shortly thereafter I did and sushi became one of my favorite foods of all time. Back in Germany there were not a lot of options: bento boxes with sushi, sashimi and maki, some salmon teriyaki, that was pretty much it. My only early Japanese soup experience I had at Wagamama in London but I don’t really remember what I usually ate there.
After I moved to New York, Japanese food has become a central element of my diet. Lately, after our nabeyaki udon phase we got into ramen more and more. In fact, we have been eating ramen so often that we started a blog about it. Check out ramenized.com for some serious ramen reviews and related stories – guten Appetit!