First we took Berlin… Story of the Currywurst

Published on March 1, 2009 by , in English, Essen, Food, New York

wechslersOnce the most famous and commercially successful snack in Germany, Berlin-born Currywurst had to make way for its successor some years ago.  The Doener (Kebab) took over, also originated in Germany’s capitol or the true capital of Turkey how Berlin is often referred to. The mainly skeptical and generally not adventurous German loves her Mediterranean import and poor Currywurst has only been second since then. Yet, many still regard the Currywurst (and all Bratwurst derivatives for this matter) to be the only true German fast-food.

It has not been recorded in the history of New York City whether the Currywurst received its adequate celebration throughout the decades-long German dominance of immigration. But some 150 years after the East Village was know as Kleindeutschland (or Little Germany) the Queen of snacks made it back to a place full of worthy legacy and tradition. Andre Wechsler, already referred to as the Kaiser of Currwurst recently opened Wechsler’s Currywurst & Bratwurst, a small but cozy hole in the wall on 1st Ave and 7th Street. Here, the great-grandson of a German butcher puts the grilled wurst front and center, and right next to a fine  selection of German beers. The Curry sauce is freshly made by the Chef on premises and the fries are also cut from Idaho potatoes, never frozen. I must say, hands down, I have never had a better Bratwurst or Currywurst outside of Germany and even there you hardly find anything that can match this culinary experience. Now Andre is a friend and I might be biased but don’t take my word for it: Google Wechslers Currywurst and you already find numerous reviews on blogs and Yelp, nothing less than 5 stars.

Wechsler’s just started with a core offering but there is more to come. I can’t wait for German potato salad or Weisswurst mit Brezn, or maybe Drei im Weckla one day…