10 coolest views in New York City

Published on March 22, 2007 by , in English, New York
  1. View from Manhattan bridge towards downtown (take the N, Q or B, D from Atlantic Ave to Canal Street or vice versa)
  2. View out of first car on the subway (e.g. the A train between 59th and 125th)
  3. Between skyscrapers on 6th Ave (see picture)
  4. Cast iron buildings in the streets of SoHo
  5. View of Central Park from the Rockefeller rooftop ("top of the rocks")
  6. View from George Washington Bridge southwards
  7. Over Hudson from the Cloisters
  8. Manhattan from Brooklyn Heights (the promenade)
  9. The Manhattan bridge from DUMBO
  10. View of surrounding skyline from inside Central Park

Well, and then there are 1000 more. Any suggestions?